Herbal medicine

Tailored formulas, expertly dispensed, safe and effective

Vegan, non GMO, organic, tried & tested herbal formulas

Herbal medicine can be used alone, or as an adjunct with acupuncture to facilitate continuous healing and repair. 

Tailored for the individual, these botanical are of the highest quality sourced from GMP and GAP fields and factories. The prescriptions can be picked up from clinic or sent to your door.

In clinic, I commonly use herbal medicine to treat

  • Bloating, GERD, Constipation, Diarrhea

  • Irregular cycles, painful periods, heavy bleeding

  • Fertility support, menopausal symptoms

  • Poor sleep

  • Anxiety

Rebekah is a member of the RCHM which ensures excellence in the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Treatment Fees

Initial Consultation (Herbal Medicine Only)

1 Hr

£ 50 

Follow Up Consultation & Treatment

30 mins

£ 25

Herbal Formulas

Varied prices depending on amount £ 10 - £ 30

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