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60 tablets per bottle, each tablet contains 600mg.


A daily dosage of 6 tablets contains:

  • Radix rehmanniae (Shu Di Huang) 909 mg
  • Radix angelicae sinensis (Dang Gui) 741 mg
  • Radix paeoniae alba (Bai Shao) 606 mg
  • Rhizoma chuanxiong (Chuan Xiong) 471 mg
  • Semen persicae (Tao Ren) 370 mg
  • Flos carthami (Hong Hua) 269 mg


Encapsulated with: Hypromellose, Magnesium stearate, Sodium silicate, Polyethylene glycate

Registered dietary supplement, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free. Non-GMO.

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

  • Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

    This traditional formula can be used to

    • Regulate blood circulation
    • Tonify blood
    • Regulate the menstrual cycle,
    • Target fertility concerns and symptoms arising from blood deficiency.



    Not sure if this is the right supplement for you. Book in a herbal consult. 

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