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Sharing stories of healing

"To put simply Rebekah changed my life" I took up the offer of a free pulse & tongue session, Rebekah found my digestive system sluggish almost to a standstill, she told me of fatigue, and joint stiffness, none of which I had told her I had. But most of all she told me about dampness, vaginal discharge I have had over 2 years and which the medical profession could not explain to me. After a week of acupuncture, I can walk properly, my digestion has improved but because of "holiday food" including too much ice cream this has not resolved it self. But the digestion and dampness are improving and when I get home I will thoroughly work on it. Overall my outlook on life has improved, fatigue has gone, legs move better. I am so thankful to Rebekah for showing me the way forward.

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