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Your 2-week checklist

Hello lovely! This is a fun little checklist to do in that two-week window between embryo transfer and the pregnancy test. Even though I originally created this for women or couples going through ART, I believe it can be very helpful for couples trying naturally. While the activities I've suggested vary, they all encourage positive joyful interaction, self-care, having fun, laughter, rest, and stress management. These activities also build the heart uterus connection, which is essential in conception.

🔲 Get acupuncture. Depending on what time of day your transfer is you want to try and have an acupuncture session within 24 hrs of the transfer. This can help with calming the nervous system, blood flow to the uterus, helps maintain good level of progesterone, prevents uterine contraction and nourishes the embryo lining. I generally suggest subsequent sessions 4-6 days post transfer and 10-12 days post transfer.

🔲Have a date night. I usually suggest people do this on the day of transfer. Make plans for a relaxing evening or day with your S.O., bestie, mum, or dad.

🔲Catch up with friends. You know those friends you always have been meaning to catch up with, but just plans just never eventuated. This is the time girl. Spending

time with your nearest and dearest will fill you

with love and remind you why you are awesome.

No toxic relationships allowed, ain't nobody got time for that.

🔲Lose yourself in a book. Get cracking on that list of books.

🔲Retail therapy. Enough said.

🔲Pamper sesh Sheet mask, foot bath, scented candles. Treat yo self!

🔲Start a TV series. Try and go for something light-hearted, feel good, and easy to watch. This is not the time for serial killer docos. Here are some of my faves :

Schitt's creek

The Office

Parks and Rec

Arrested Development



Sex in the City


Gilmore Girls

🔲Go for a picnic. Indoor picnics can be just as good!!!

🔲Yoga. Try doing small amounts everyday. If you are new to yoga, Yoga with Adriene is wonderful for all ages and levels. Not only will it help you manage your stress levels but studies have shown that it may increase ART success rates.

🔲 Get back to your hobbies. Complete this sentence "I really enjoy...............but I don't have the time for it" This is the perfect opportunity to get back to that said hobby.

🔲 Movie night with your fave takeaway. LOTR marathon with Chinese takeaway 👌

🔲 Go for a hike. Get out in nature.

🔲Have a weekend away. Or if that isn't possible, staycation! Stay local and do things you would do if you were away.

🔲Make your favourite meal. Nothing is more satisfying than cooking a meal with love and sharing it with your friends and fam. For some cooking is a way of bonding with family.

🔲Play board games. Contentious, but if you can find one that won't cause WW3 it can be an enjoyable way to pass the time.

🔲Do some breathing exercises.

An easy one to start with is inhalation for 4 counts, holding for 4 counts, and exhalation for 6 counts.

🔲Cleaning. Spark joy Marie Condo style.

🔲Journalling. So helpful for those who struggle with expressing themselves. Here are some tips on how to start.

🔲Do a puzzle.

🔲Do some karaoke. Get out the karaoke machine, singstar etc. Singing activates your vagus nerve which is great for your stress response. Also, karaoke will undoubtedly cause laughter, and laughter is the best medicine.

🔲Rest, rest and rest! Phones away, no screens, proper snoozing, at least 8 hrs.

The Don'ts!

Please resist the urge to test early. I say this because there may be HCG that is still remaining in your system from the trigger injection, which could indicate a false positive. I would hate for you to have false hope.

Avoid overplanning and cramming everything into your schedule. Strike a balance between the yang activities (being social, activities that are stimulating and raise your heart rate) and the yin activities (resting, pausing, activities that help you slow down and reflect).

Make the two weeks yours! If there are any activities I've missed out please let me know.



Hope you find the checklist helpful! If you are trying to conceive I'd love to help you in your journey. Fertility is often not a smooth ride for most but there are so many lessons you can learn along the way. Please contact me to see how I can help!

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