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Acupuncture for Fertility

Optimising wellbeing for new possibilities

Support your body emotionally and physically as you prepare for conception naturally or via IVF. 

Trying to fall pregnant can be extremely stressful and frustrating for couples. Whether you are trying naturally or going down an assisted route, acupuncture can play a positive role in your journey. I have been privileged enough to walk this journey alongside many women in the last 3 years as I took a special interest in fertility support. These women have found treatments to be beneficial in various different ways including:

  • More regularity in menstrual cycles with less symptoms

  • Having clear ovulation signs

  • Better sleep quality

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety.

  • Improvements in egg quality 

  • Improvements in follicle development

  • Improvements in uterine lining

  • Decreased side effects from the IVF or IUI medication

  • Decreased side effects from egg harvest and embryo transfer

  • Successful implantation and positive pregnancy results. 

Treatment Fees

Initial Consultation & Treatment

1 Hr - 1.5 Hrs (case dependent)

£ 65 - £ 75

Follow Up Consultation & Treatment

45 mins


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