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Acupuncture for Pain

Unblocking flow, restoring function and freeing movement

Combining traditional acupuncture and modern dry needling methods for an integral approach

Pain is a condition that will affect everyone in their lifetime. Its patterns can be muscular, neurogenic or sclerotomal. Acupuncture is well documented in its pain relief mechanisms and has been proven to have positive effects on knee, lower back, TMJ and neck pain. In my clinical practice, I incorporate the modern techniques of distal needling acupuncture, dry needling and traditional Chinese medicine methods of cupping and gua sha to form a multi-targeted approach to pain. In my clinical experience, this has been highly effective in various pain conditions such as:

  • plantar fasciitis

  • cervical spondylosis

  • frozen shoulder

  • rotator cuff injury

  • sciatica

  • diabetic neuropathy

  • neck and shoulder stiffness

  • tennis elbow of golfers elbow. 

Initial Consultation & Treatment

1 Hr - 1.5 Hrs (case dependent)

£ 65 - £ 75

Follow Up Consultation & Treatment

45 mins


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