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Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Safely supporting you and your bub

Caring for you and your baby as you transition from conception to postpartum.

Pregnancy is an incredible time for women. A time where you will see the body becoming a vessel for growing and nourishing your baby. However not all women enjoy the wonders of pregnancy and often the symptoms are overwhelming and negatively impact the journey.


Many women have come to me struggling with morning sickness, low energy, muscular pain, stress and anxiety, digestive issues and I have seen improvements through several treatments.  

For those nearing the end of pregnancy. Acupuncture is fantastic for labour preparation and has been proven to assist in breech presentation and labour induction. 


Furthermore, I have seen the benefits of acupuncture during the postpartum transition. Recovery from childbirth include issues such as low milk production, mastitis, low energy, stress and anxiety.

Treatment Fees

Initial Consultation & Treatment

1 Hr - 1.5 Hrs (case dependent)

£ 65 - £ 75

Follow Up Consultation & Treatment

45 mins


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